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Ham String Blaster

No. 226 Hamstring Blaster Bench
A bench to kneel on with pads to hold your ankles as you keep your upper body straight, forming a 90 degree angle and lean forward until you touch the chest pad, that is adjustable for depth of movement, then contract your leg biceps and glutes in order to bring your upper body back to the starting position. As you gain in strength, you lower the depth of the Chest Pad that you touch or rest on. Fantastic isolation movement. Adjustable dept of chest pad from 80 degrees to flat in 2″ adjustments. Chest Pad can also be held against the chest and pulled with the upper body for added resistance at all increments of depth. Weight can be loaded for even greater resistance. Constructed of 3″ & 2″ square tubing.


Chair Leg Raise

No. 300 Chair Leg Raise
3″ square tubing. Mounting Platforms. Base up off floor. Bolt down tabs provided.







Adj. Decline Bench


No. 300R Adj. Decline Bench (Optional Weight Storage).
Adj. Angle Adj. body length.
Adj. Leg Pads. Adj. Olympic Bar Holders. Shown with optional Weight Storage. 3″
Construction. Heavy Duty Padding




Seated Dumbbell Press


No. 303 Seated Dumbbell Press Bench.
Adj. Seat height. 80 Degree Angle. No front base to trip over when using it for heavy dumbbell presses.






Adj. Preacher Curl


No.  304 Adj. Preacher Curl
3″ Square Tubing. Base up off floor. Bolt down tabs provided.






4 Sided Olympic Plateholder


Construction: 3″ Square Tubing. Protective coating on weight pegs. Four pegs for 45 lb or 100 lb Olympic Plates. Four pegs for 25 lb and 10 lb. Four pegs for 5 lb and 2.5 lb plates.






Peg Model Squat Stands


No. 306 Peg Model Squat Stands
Fixed peg angled squat stands with adj. safety bars. Weight storage. Designed with a steep angle to minimize the amount of stepping back. (BAR AND WEIGHTS NOT INCLUDED) 3″ construction with 1/4″ ABS to prevent paint chipping on bar rest.




Power Rack


No. 307 Power Rack.
Standard Power Rack with Weight Storage. 3″ Channel Iron uprights with holes every 3″ for 1″ Pins and Bar Holders. 3″ Tubing on rest of unit. Adj. Chin-up Bar. One Pair of Safety pins.





Adj Multi Bench


No. 308 Adj. Multi Bench.
Adj. from flat to 80 Degrees in approx. 20 Degree increments. Three position seat adjustment. Optional wheels to tilt and move are
available. 3″ Construction.





Squat Stands



No. 309 Individual Squat Stands.
Individual stands with adj. safety bars. Adj. uprights for bar. Heavy plate for anti-tip. (BAR NOT INCLUDED). 2-1/2″ & 2″ construction.




Adj Olympic Incline Bench


No. 310R Adj. Olympic Incline Bench.
Adj. angle from 30 Degrees to 80 Degrees in 2″ increments. Unique adj. feature with pivoting slide and base roller, keeps the bar in proper reach through all the angles. Adj. Seat Height. Removable Foot Plate. Rubber coated Spotters platform. Shown with optional weight storage.
3″ Construction. Heavy Duty padding.





Incline Bench


No. 311 Seated Adj. Incline Bench
3″ Square Tubing . Base up off floor.
Bolt down tabs provided.






Behind Neck Press


No. 313 Behind Neck Press.
Adj. seat height. Adj. Back Rest, forward and back for behind neck and military press in front. Adj. Bar holders. Rubber Coated Spotters
Platform. Removable Rubber Coated Foot Plate. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty padding. Optional Weight Storage Available.






Behind Neck Press


No. 3134PR Behind Neck Press 4 Uprights.
Adj. Seat Height Adj. Bar Holders. Removable Rubber Coated Foot Plate. Rubber Coated Spotter Platform. Adj. Backrest, forward and back. Shown with Optional Plate Storage. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding.






Power Bench


No. 316 Power Bench.
(Shown with optional Removable Adj. Safety Arms) Walk Through Design. Rubber Coated Spotters Platform. Adj. Bar Holders in 2″ increments.
3″ Construction. Heavy Duty padding.






Power Bench


No. 316 C Power Bench Press with Conventional Adjustable Uprights.
Now you have a choice in our Power Bench Presses. Tall Uprights with adjustable short sleeve as on No 316 Power Bench Press or with the conventional telescoping uprights as shown. Also available as an option is the Adj. Safety Arms. Still the same 3″ square tube with the “walk through design on the spotters platform.” as on
the No. 316 Power Bench Press.



Monster Power Bench Press


The heaviest duty Bench Press their is. Constructed of 4″ x 4″ x .250 (1/4″) wall tubing. Spotters Platform with a “Walk Through” design. 1/2″ x 3″ truck bed liner coated J-Hooks. Adjustable uprights. Heavy duty padding. Anti-Tip brace on back of uprights. Rubber coated Spotters
Platform (bare platform shown). Shipping weight 400lbs. This bench will not move when benching. Designed for those 1,000lb plus Bench Presses. Optional plate storage on back of bench is available.




Power Bench


No. 316R Power Bench with Optional Weight Storage.
Adj. Bar holders. WALK THROUGH DESIGN ON RUBBER COATED SPOTTERS PLATFORM. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding.






Adjustable Sit Up Board


No. 318 Adj. Sit-Up Board.
Adj. angle. Adj. foot pads. 18″ wide pad for stability and comfort. Rubber coated heel pad for durability. Handle for ease of mounting and dismounting. Heavy duty padding. 3″ construction.





Abdominal Crunch Bench


No. 319 Abdominal Crunch Bench.
3″ Tubing Angled Pad for More Resistance
and Range of Motion. Base up off floor. Bolt down tabs provided.




Bent Knee Sit up Decline


No. 320 4 ” Bent Knee Sit-Up Decline
Our No. 320 Bent Knee Sit-Up Decline in 4″ x 4″ x .250 wall tubing with 1″ bolts in the Bronze Bushings at the pivot points. Adjustable Angle and Adjustable Ankle Pads. Custom made wheels with 1″ axles to move bench around. Item weighs approx 300 lbs.





Glute Ham Bench


No. 326 Glute Ham Bench.
Adj. foot plate up and down and forward and back. Y-Base.
Split Pad or Full Pad (your choice). Heavy Duty padding. 3″ Construction. Smooth adjustment forward and back on foot plate.






Glute Ham with Roller


No. 326R Glute Ham with Roller Pads
Constructed of 3″ Tubing with a Y-Base. Large Round Pads rotate. Knee stop pad at the base of the round pads. Adjustable foot plate for height and length.






Roman Chair


No. 328 Adj. Roman Chair
Features: 3″ x 3″ square tube. Adj. angle to increase the degree of difficulty. Adjustable seat height. Handles to aid in that last
rep sit up.




Three Station Dip


No. 333 Three Station Chin Dip.
V-Shaped Dipping Bars. Three types of Chin-up handles. Rubber Coated Mounting Step-Ups. 3″ Construction.







4 Station Chin Up


No. 334 4-Station Chin-Up
4 Stations for Chin-Ups with 4 different handles.
Step up tubes for ease of starting. 3″ Construction.







Standing Preacher Curl


No. 335 Standing Preacher Curl
3″ Square Tubing.








No. 338 Inverted Sit Up
3″ x 3″ square tubing. Large foam Pads. Rubber coated side mounting tubes. Handles for entry and exit. Revision of the Old Body Master Inverted Sit Up. Designed for the Hard Core Sit Up user.






Double Half Rack


No. 340 Double Half Rack
3″ x 3″ construction, walk through design, rubber coated safety arms, truck bed liner coated J hooks, chin up bar.







Half Rack


No. 341 Half Rack
3″ x 3″ square tubing. Adjustable Safety Arms. Adjustable Spotters Platforms. Adjustable J-Hook Bar Holders. Weight Storage. Adjustable
width Chin-Up Handles. Urethane Truck Bed Liner coating on the Safety Arms, Spotters Platforms and J-Hook Bar Holders. Weight storage pegs are protective coated. Unit can be butted up against a wall with clearance for removal of 45 lb Olympic Plates with out contacting the wall or can be used in the middle of the room. Numbers for adjustment of Spotters Platforms, Safety Arms & J-Hook Bar Holders.



Hyper Extension 45 Degree


No. 343 Hyper-Extension 45 Degree.
Adj. Body Pad for length of the user. Y-Base for stability. Rubber Coated Foot plate. Ankle Pads. Shown with optional decorative holes in tubing.







Hyper Extension with Band Attachments


No. 344 Hyper-Extension (45 Degree) with Band Attachment.
Large Rubber Coated Foot Plate. Extra Wide Ankle Pads. Split or Full Pad (your choice) on adj. Body pad. Wide Base with Adj. Pegs for attachment of Resistance Bands. Wheels on front for Tilt Movement. Adj. on Ankle Pads. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding.


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