Plate Loaded Strength Equipment

Leg Extension Curl


No. 200 Leg Extension/Curl.
3″ Construction. Heavy Padding.







Leverage Shoulder Press

No. 201 Leverage Shoulder Press.
Adj. Seat Height. Adj. Backrest forward and back. Three position handles. (Rotational Optional). Independent Arm Mechanisms on 1″ Bearings. Plate Load and Resistance Band capability. You can use Plates or Bands or both. 3″ Construction. Back Pad will adjust from Behind Neck to Front Presses. One set of Mini-Bands supplied.





Leverage Incline Press


No. 202 Leverage Incline Press.
30 Degree Incline. Adj. Seat Height. Adj. stops on Arms. Rotational Stop Handles for multi-positions of handles (optional). Fixed 3 position handles is standard. 1″ Bearings on Independent Arm Mechanism. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding. Both Plate Load and Resistance Band capabilities. Use Plates or Bands or Both. One set of Mini-Bands supplied.





Elite Multi Press


No. 204 Elite Multi Press with Counterbalance.
(Smith Machine) with a 7 degree Free Floating or locked 3 degree forward or back or straight feature. Available counterbalanced (bar=15 lbs) or non (bar=70 lbs). Ballbearing Rotation on bar. 1-1/4″ Lineal Bearing guides. Weight storage. 3″ construction.






Power Squat


No. 207 Power Squat
Plate load Squat Machine for regular squats and front squats. 3″x 3″ Construction. Three position starting for various height of users. Three position lower racking for bottoming out of movement. Adjustable angle on Urethane Coated Foot Plate. Ball bearing hand release mechanism. Ball bearing pivot mechanism. Heavy Duty padding.




Power Runner


No. 208 Power Runner.
Independent Leg Mechanism that simulates the act of running. Adj. Shoulder/Chest pad for body Length of the user. Pillow Block Bearings on mechanisms. Rubber Bumper Stops. Heavy Duty Padding. Constructed of 2-1/2″ and 2″ tubing. (3″ available). Great Machine for building Power and Quickness in Running. Works Quads, Glutes and Calves. Variable Resistance due to plate loaded leverage arm. Greater resistance at full extension of movement.



Reclining Leg Press


No. 210 New Reclining Leg Press.
The Old No. 210 Reclining Leg press in newer technology. Lineal Bearings of 1-1/2″ diameter for a smoother movement. 3″ and 3-1/2″ construction. Two welded inside weight pegs and two outside weight pegs are bolted on with 1″ Bolts. Adj. angle on bench as well as adjustable shoulder pads. Angled coated Foot Plate. Two position stop mechanism that is a Dual rotational stop mechanism activated by one side.






No 212 45 Degree Leg Press with Adjustable
Angled Foot Plate

Adj. Back Pad. Two position release on carriage. Five position bottom stop on carriage. Four weight pegs on carriage. Weight storage. 1-1/2″ Lineal Bearings. Large Rubber Coated Foot plate. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding.


Standing Calf


No. 213 Standing Calf.
Features 3″ Square Tubing. Base Up Off Floor. Bolt Down Tabs Included.






Seated Calf


No. 214 Seated Calf.
Tilt Seat model. Adj. Knee/Leg Pads. Angled Foot plate for pre-stretch and comfort. 4″x24″ Rubber coated foot plate. Dual Weight pegs. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding.






Leverage Row


No. 215 Leverage Row.
Adj. foot plate for size of user. Swivel Handle Mechanism for an unrestricted movement. U-Joint Mechanism. Two Position handles. Two position Bar Rack. Angled Heavy Duty pad for isolation of movement. 3″ Construction.





Plate Load Neck Machine


No. 216 Neck Machine
Plate load model with adj. seat height. Shown with optional adj. Body Isolation Pad. Four positions by just turning around on the seat and using the handles on the seat. Large revolving head pad. 3″ x 3″ square tubing construction. 1″ ball bearing mechanism






Plate Load Dip Machine

No. 217 Plate Load Dip Machine.

3″ Construction with an adjustable seat height, leg pad & an adjustable stop on the mechanism to set the starting height as desired. Large Angled handles for variation of movement. 1-1/4″ Ball Bearing mechanism. Large Threaded rubber stop for fine adjustment of stop mechanism. Powder Coated. Heavy Duty Foam padding. Will handle 45lb Olympic Plates or Standard plates as ordered.


Plate Load Deadlift Machine


No. 219 Deadlift Machine.
Adj. height on mechanism. Go lower than an Olympic bar and in 2″ increments to 8″ above. Rubber coated platform. 1-1/2″ Ballbearing mechanism. Do deadlifts without bar dragging up legs. Do Bent Over Rows and Shrugs. 3″ construction.






Trap Machine


No. 221 Trap Machine.
Adj. height on mechanism. Rotational extra long handles. Rubber cushion stops. V-shape in order to walk into for proper body positioning. Do trap shrugs in front, side and rear. 3″ construction. Plate loading machine.




Multi Press Smith Machine

No. 223 Multi-Press (Smith) Machine.
Counterbalanced Model. Bar weighs 10lbs due to Counterbalance mechanism. Adj. stops. 1,200lb Rated Olympic Bar. 1-1/4″ Lineal Bearings. Ballbearing Bar Rotation. 1″ Hooks. NO WELDING TO BAR. Weight Storage. Bench not included. 3″ Construction.





Hyper Extensive Glute Ham


No. 225 Plate Load Hyper-Extension & Glute/Ham.
A combination Hyper-extension and Glute/Ham machine with a plate load mechanism for added resistance when doing Hyper-extensions. No need to hold plates against your chest for added resistance. In the bent over stage, just cup your arms under the padded roller for added resistance during the exercise. With the added footplate, you can do Glute/Ham exercises without the plate load feature. A combination Hyper-extension and Glute/Ham exercise can be done using the plate load feature. Features an adjustable footplate with leg pads both up and down and forward and back. A large rounded pad with heavy padding is standard and a split two piece pad is optional.


Hip Kicker


No. 227 Hip Kicker: Hip & Leg Machine.
Adj. stop on the weight arm for a great or lesser range of motion. Adj. height on arm pad. Ballbearing mechanism. Easy to enter and exit. Counterbalanced mechanism. Available in a 2″ model or 3″ as shown.





Ultra Power Runner


No. 229 Ultra Power Runner.
Power runner with adj. foot pedals, pad length, pad height, and rotation on pads. Works the same as the standard Power Runner but with the ability to change body position to work at slightly different angles. Good for rehab. Features a gas ram to help lift for the height adjustment on the pad. 2-1/2″ & 2″ construction. Heavy duty padding. Ballbearing mechanism.



70 Degree Leg Press


No. 230 70 Degree Leg Press
Adj. Shoulder Pads and angle on body pad. Two position release on carriage. 5 position bottom stops on carriage. Four Weight Pegs on Carriage. Weight Storage. 1-1/2 Lineal Bearings with 1-1/2 case hard shafts. Large Rubber Coated foot plate. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding.




Independent Arm Leverage Row


No. 231 Independent Arm Leverage Row.
Dual Arm Mechanism that can be used independent or locked together as one single mechanism. Swivel Two Position Handles. Adj. height on foot plate. Dual U-Joint Mechanism. Two Position Racking Pegs. Heavy Duty Padding. 3″ Construction.






Wrist Forearm Roller


No. 232 Wrist/Forearm Roller.
Wrist/Forarm developer that takes the load off of the shoulders when doing Wrist/Forarm roller movement. Upright frame supports the Polyurethane coated (Rino Lining) 2″ diameter cylinder. Ballbearing rotation. 3″ Square tubing. Plate storage. Heavy Duty strap (Automotive Towing Strap) that is bolted to the cylinder for weight pulling rotation.





seated trap machine


No. 233 Seated Trap Machine
Plate load Seated Trap Machine with an adjustable seat for various arm lengths. V-Shaped Handles for various width of use. Larger handles for comfort and to develop grip. 1-1/4″ Ball Bearing rotation mechanism. Rubber stop. 3″ x 3″ square tubing construction.



Seated Leverage Row


No. 234 Seated Leverage Row
Plate load Independent Arm mechanism. Adjustable Seat Height. Adjustable Chest Pad for arm length. Ball Bearing mechanism. 3″ square tubing. Foot Plates to take pressure off of the chest. Ten Degree movement change (start narrow and end 10 Degrees wider from the start to finish of the movement) Two position hand grip (pictured are optional multi-grip handles at extra cost) Heavy to Light variable resistance during the movement.




Trap Shrugger


No. 235 Trap Shrugger
3″ x 3″ Square Tubing. Knurled Handles. Solid 1-15/16″ weight pegs. Can be custom built to you desired height of the Knurled handles to the floor.





Combination Isolation Row Deadlift Shrug Squat

No. 236 Combination Isolation Row/Deadlift/Shrug/Squat
Dual purpose machine. Independent Arm. Use plates and or Bands. Adj. bed line coated foot plate for the different height users. Adj. chest pad for arm length. 3″ square tubing construction. Sealed Ball Bearing mechanism. Rubber Bumper stops. 48″ wide x 57″ long (longer int he Deadlift Position). You can do Isolation Rows and flip the arms over to do Deadlift, Shrugs and Squats (by holding onto the handles and squatting). Plate Load or Rubber Bands or both. Features an anti friction roller for the Band use. Will go through any doorway due to the two bold construction that holds the three sections together. Rotational UHMW hand grips as well as Band Roller.

Plate Load Abdominal Crunch
No. 237 Plate Load Abdominal Crunch.
Adj. Chest Pad and adjustment on arm mechanism. 3″ Construction. Ballbearing mechanism.






Combination Viking Press Standing Calf

Combination plate load standing Viking Press with two position handles and a Standing Calf with an angled, Rino, Truck Bed Liner coated, pre-stretch, foot plate. Adjustable height on mechanism. Heavy Padding. Floor Plate to stand on when doing the Viking Press to prevent any movement of the machine. All ball bearing mechanism. 3″ square tube. Starting Weight, without plates, is approx. 80 lbs on the Viking press.





Arm Pullover


No. 239 Independent Arm Pullover.
New Plate Load Independent Arm Pullover. Adjustment on the mechanism for the position of the start of the movement. Handles swivel to compensate for any out of body alignment. Adjustable Seat and Backrest. Ball Bearing rotation on the mechanism. Variable resistance Cam. Compact design. Can use one arm at a time or both or alternate. 3″ square tube heavy duty construction.





Reclining Leg Press


Old Reclining Leg Press (25 years ago). Adj. Angle on Pad. Adj. Shoulder Pads.  Two position stop on carriage. Dual Release Mechanism is activated by one hand on one side. HEAVY DUTY OLD STYLE OF LEG PRESS. 3″ Construction.






240 belt squat


No. 240 Belt Squat

Description: Plate Load Belt Squat.
3″ construction. Removable Side Rails. Rubber covered
Platform. Adj. Stop Mechanism on carriage to allow longer
cable hookup to belt. 43″ x 43″ platform. 1″ chrome Guide
Rods on Carriage. Two bolt together sections for ease of


No. 242 Iso-Lateral Multi-Press (Smith) Machine