Selectorized Strength Equipment


Seated Bench Press


No. 100 Seated Bench Press
Adj. Seat Height. Adj. Starting Position. Easy Entry and Exit by use of Remote adjustment pin. Ballbearing Mechanism. 250lb stack. Optional Heavier Stack available.






Selectorized Isolated Row

No. 101 Sel. Isolation Row
Adj. Seat Height. Adj. Chest pad. Ballbearing Swivel on Handles. Multi-position hand grips. Foot Plate to take pressure off of chest. Ballbearing ¬†Mechanism. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding. 250 lb Stack.








Seated Lat


No. 102 Seated Lat
Adj. Leg Hold down Pads. 250 lb Stack. 6″ Ballbearing pulleys. Cambered lat Bar. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding.






Selectorized Peck Deck


No. 103 Sel. Peck Deck
Adj. forward and back on back for depth of user. Ballbearing Mechanism. Variable resistance Cams. 300 lb Stack. Adj. Seat Height. 6″ Ballbearing Pulleys. Shown with Optional Holes in Tubing. Heavy Duty Padding. 3″ Construction.





Abdominal Crunch


No. 104 Abdominal Crunch (Chest Pad Model)
Adj. Lower Back pad. Adj. Chest Pat Starting position. Adj. Seat Height. Ballbearing Mechanism. 300 lb Stack. Heavy Padding.







Selectorized Abdominal Crunch


No. 104B Sel. Abdominal Crunch with Back Pad
Adj. Seat height. Roller Pad behind back. Variable Resistance Cam. 300 lb stack. Ballbearing Mechanism.






Selectorized Leg Curl


No. 106 Selectorized Leg Curl
Auto Adj. leg pad. Hump Pad for isolation. Heavy duty padding. Variable resistance cam. Optional depth adjustment on mechanism available. 150 lb weight stack in 10 lb increments.






Selectorized Leg Extension


No. 107 Selectorized Leg Extension
Auto Adj. leg pad. Adj. back support for size of user. Large leg pad roller. Heavy padding. Optional depth adjustment on mechanism available. Variable resistance cam. Optional depth adjustment on mechanism available. 300 lb weight stack in 10 lb increments.




Selectorized Leg Press


No. 108 Selectorized Leg Press
500 lb Weight Stack. Adj. Carriage depth for easy entry and exit and depth of movement. Large rubber coated foot plate. 3″ Construction. 6″ Ballbearing Pulleys. Heavy Duty padding. Shoulder pads and Head Rest. Stack easy to reach for weight change while on the machine.


Five Station

No. 110 Five Station
Seated Lat with 250 lb stack and Adj. Leg Pads. Low Pulley Row with 300 lb stack with adj. height on pulley. Bench with angled foot plate. Adjustable Column Cable Crossover with 200 lb (100 lb maximum resistance). Swivel Adj. Pulleys that adjust in 4″ adjustments. Chin-Up Bar in the center. Shown with decorative holes drilled in the tubing. (Optional Charge). Lat Bar, Row Handle and Crossover Handles included. Also available a No 111 Seven Station with two adj. column Tricep & Bicep stations added on with two 200 lb (100 lb max. resistance) weight stacks.

Selectorized Bicep Machine


No. 113 Selectorized Bicep Machine
Adj. Seat height. Ballbearing Mechanism. Cambered Bar. 150 lb stack. Heavy Duty Padding. 3″ Construction. Pad is at 45 Degree Angle for less strain on elbows.





Tricept Pressdown


No. 114 Tricep Pressdown
150 lb Stack in 5 lb increments. Low pulleys. V-Bar Tricep Bar. Wide Stable Base. Optional Heavier Stack is Available.







Selectorized Preacher Curl


No. 115 Selectorized Preacher Curl
Adj. Height on pad. 4 position angle on pad. Adj. Bar Holder Height. 200 lb Stack. Heavy Duty Padding. 3″ Construction. 6″ Ballbearing Pulleys.






Overhead Tricep

No. 116 Overhead Tricep
30 degree angle with adj. seat height. Adj. width on Optional Isolation Pads. 150 lb weight stack. (200 lb optional). Cambered bar.






Standing Calf


No. 120 Standing Calf
Adj. Height on Shoulder pads. Angled Foot Plate. 500 lb Stack. Extra Weight Peg for Plates. Ballbearing mechanism.







Neck Machine


No. 121 Neck Machine
4 way by turning on the seat. Handles on Adj. seat. Heavy duty roller pad. Variable resistance cam. Optional Adj. Back Isolation Pad available. 100 lb stack in 5 lb increments.






Seated Shoulder Press


No. 122 Seated Shoulder Press.
Adj. Seat Height. Adj. Backrest for depth of user. Rotational Handles for various grips. Counterbalanced mechanism. Ballbearing mechanism. 250lb stack. 3″ construction. 6″ Pulleys. Back Pad adjustment allows for Behind Neck Presses to Front Military Presses.





Donkey Calf


No. 124 Donkey Calf
Adj. Pad height. Adj. Hip Pad. Rotation on Hip Pad. Ballbearing Mechanism. 500 lb Stack. Angled Foot Plate. 3″ Construction. Heavy Padding.




Selectorized Dip Machine


No. 125 Sel. Dip Machine.
Adj. Seat Height. Adj. Hold Down Pads. 300 lb Stack. Ballbearing Mechanism. Face into the machine design to simulate the natural dipping motion. 3″ Construction. 6″ Ballbearing Pulleys.






Double Bicep


No. 126 Double Bicep.
Adj. Angle on Bench. Two Stacks of 200 lb (100 lb resistance) each. Foot Plate. Swivel Pulleys. Angled Construction on weight stacks. Handles included. 3″ Construction. 6″ Ballbearing Pulleys.






Peck Delt Machine


No. 127 Peck/Delt Machine
Adj. seat height. Adj. starting position on arms. Auto adjusting swivel handles. 300 lb stack. Ballbearing mechanism. Variable resistance cams. 6″ Ballbearing Pulleys. Heavy Duty padding. Standard 3″ construction as with all equipment.


Selectorized Strength Core Trainer


No. 130 (3″) Sel. Strength Core Trainer (Sel. Abdominal Wheel)
Weight Stack Version of the Abdominal Wheel. Dual Function Machine in that it will resist (pull weight) or assist (weight will push you back up). Adjustable Column allows various starting positions the length of the travel of the carriage. 1-1/4″ Lineal Bearings and Shafts. Adjustment is by use of a remote adjustment pin, accessed by a lever on the handles. No need to remove hands from handles when adjusting the starting position. 150 lb stack. Foot Plate and adj. leg pads. Works the Abdominal, Leg Biceps, Shoulders and Glutes.


Combination Leg Extension Curl



No. 131 Combination Leg Extension/Curl
Adj. Range of Motion. Ballbearing Mechanism. Heavy duty foam padding. Adj. leg length. 3″ square tubing. Angled pad for leg curls. 250 lb steel stack.





Assisted Chin Dip


No. 132 Assist Chin/Dip
250 lb Stack. Large Diameter V-Shaped Dip Bars. Adj. Foot Plate Height (adj. out of the way for non assist work). Variable position grips on chin-up. Step Up Tubes for ease of access. Shown with optional Decorative Holes in tubing. Standard 3″ Construction as with all equipment. Ballbearing mechanism.





Standing Deltoid


No. 133 Standing Deltoid
Adj. Chest Isolation Pad. Variable Resistance Cams. 100 lb Stack. 3″ Construction. Shown with Option Holes in tubing. Ballbearing Mechanism.






Selectorized Power Runner


No. 134 Selectorized Power Runner
Separate Leg Mechanisms with 2 stacks of 200 lb each. Adj. Chest/Shoulder Pads for size of user. Builds legs in the action of running. 3″ Construction. Heavy Duty Padding.






3 Station Unit


No. 137 3 Station Unit
Selectorized Seated Lat with 250 lb Stack, Low Pulley Row with 300lb Stack and an Adjustable Pulley Column with 200 lb (100 lb resistance) stack. Swivel Pulley on the Adjustable Pulley. Adjustable pulley height on the Low Pulley Row as well as the Swivel Pulley Side.. Adjustable leg hold down pads on the Seated Lat. 3″ Construction. Ballbearing Pulleys.




30 Degree Pec Fly


No. 138 30 Degree Pec Fly
Adj. Seat Height. Adj. depth of start on pads for amount of stretch. Revolving Arm Pads. 150 lb stack. Variable resistance Cam. 3″ Construction. Ballbearing Mechanism. Heavy Duty Padding.






45 Degree Selectorized Calf


No. 139 45 Degree Selectorized Calf
Adj. Back Pad for size of user for starting position. 400lb stack. 1-1/4″ Lineal Bearings on Carriage. Footplate. Easy access to weight change. 3″ Construction. Heavy padding. 6″ Ballbearing Pulleys.






Narrow Cable Crossover


No. 140 Narrow Cable Crossover
New narrow design with a width of approx. 78″ and a depth of only 36″ Features adjustable Swivel Pulleys. Two 200 lb stacks (100 lb max resistance per stack) Adj. width on Chin-Up Bar. 3″ Square Tubing Construction. Adj. height on the Swivel Pulleys in front. Ball Bearing Pulleys and Swivel Mechanism. Handles included.




Selectorized Four Station

No. 142 Selectorized Four Station

A four stack unit with a Seated Lat with a 250 lb stack, a Low Row with a 300 lb stack, an Adjustable Height Swivel Pulley with a 300 lb (150 lb resistance) and an Adjustable Height Swivel Pulley with a 200 lb (100 lb max. resistance) that can be used as 1/2 of a Cable Crossover. Adjustable leg hold down pads on the Seated Lat. Adjustable pulley height on the Low Row. Ball bearing Swivel on the both the Adjustable Height Pulley Stations. Weight Stack Shrouds in Aluminum Deck (extra cost) or painted metal. Powder Coated paint. Ball bearing pulleys. 3″ Square Tubing. Full 1″x 4″ x 10″ Solid rubber cushion under Composite Steel Weight Stacks. Double the unit (8 Station) and you have a full Cable Crossover with Chin-Up Bar connecting the two units.



Combination Seat Lat Row


No. 143 Combination Seat Lat/Row
One stack (300 lb) for one user at a time. T-Shaped Design with Row Bench. Adj. leg hold down pads on seated lat. 3″ Construction. 6″ Pulleys.







Kneeling Assist Chin Dip


No. 144 Kneeling Assist Chin & Dip
Features 3″ Square Tubing, 2″ diameter V-Shaped Dip Bars, Adj. Angle on Knee pad. Narrow and Wide Chin-Up handles, 300 lb weight stack in 10 lb increments to subtract from body weight. Shorter height for low ceilings of 88″ and above. Comes apart into two sections for access problems.





No. 145 Selectorized Dual Cable Isolation Row
With this machine you can do one arm or both. Pull wide or narrow or in between. Pull high or low. You could even stand at the side and do one arm pull movements. Features 3″ square tube construction. Adj. seat height. Adj. chest pad with a narrow high taper for women. Chest pad is adjustable for length. Foot plate to take pressure off the chest. 250 lb stack in 10 lb increments on both hand pull. Single arm pull is 5 lb increments.