Dr. Ken Leistner & Tommy O'Riordan


In my fifty-three years of weight training I have fabricated, purchased, or used the widest variety of strength training equipment from almost every major and lesser-known manufacturer. I have been privileged to consult, prototype, and contribute designs and design modifications to some of the most successful strength equipment manufacturers over a forty year period. Though I noted the Iron Man Magazine ads for STRENGTH EQUIPMENT owned by STEPHEN DEWITT in the early 1970’s, his was the one brand I had no experience with. Stated as strongly as possible, the loss has been mine!


Sturdy, safe, and functional were obvious feaDr. Ken Leistner on Strength Equipmenttures but bomb-proof, beautiful, and the best “feel” possible are more accurate if almost inadequate terms used to describe Mr. DeWitt’s equipment. Using the highest quality components and infusing each piece with his forty-plus years of training and equipment fabricating experience, each piece of STRENGTH EQUIPMENT must be used to be appreciated. I had promised that before I was too old and feeble to enjoy training, I would own and use one of Mr. DeWitt’s creations. I cannot state strongly enough how well made, attractive, and just plain useable this equipment is. With an eye for detail and obvious fabricating skills that come from a lifetime in an iron shop, everything looks right and feels right to the experienced trainee. If anything can be over-built in order to insure a lifter’s safety, STRENGTH EQUIPMENT might qualify.

Dr Ken Leistner on Strength

The basic pieces speak for themselves, especially the custom 4 x 4 tubing models that are an immediate magnet for attention in any facility. Did we need a 4 x 4 Olympic bench press to support our 300-plus pound football players who bench press 500 or more? Obviously not, DeWitt’s 3 x 3 would have been heavy duty enough but the 4 x 4 equipment is unique in design and appearance, literally screaming for attention.